Life Update: Pregnancy (week 15) + our big foster care news!

Welcome to my weekly life update where I share about my pregnancy & give you a peek into our life this past week. If you want to follow a lot more behind-the-scenes and real-time updates every week, be sure to follow my stories and posts on Instagram.

15 weeks and I’m not going to be able to camouflage this bump much longer. 😉


I had another doctor’s appointment. It was super routine, but my doctor was so encouraging about how healthy I am, how healthy the baby is, and how well I am doing. That was such a blessing! In 5 weeks, I go back for my big 20-week anatomy scan!


I had one really rough day this past week but other than that I had a few hours of most days where I felt so good that I sort of forgot I was pregnant! I started sitting on the exercise ball this past week because I can tell that these hips are starting to feel the usual aches and pains of pregnancy.

I discovered the power of sitting a few hours per day on an exercise ball and how much relief it provided for my tailbone/hip pain, so I’m trying to be proactive and start this early this time — especially since my hips are 11 years older than they were last time I was pregnant! 😉


This week, it was all about meat and carbs. Seriously, I craved roast, chicken, and noodles. And I’m still totally into cheese and cottage cheese!

WEIGHT GAIN: 7 pounds

Our Big Foster Care News!

After months and months of classes, homework, meetings, paperwork and more paperwork, doctor’s visits, TB testing, home visits, interviews, and hours and hours spent getting our home all set up and childproofed, we found out this past week that we our home is officially licensed as a foster home in TN!!

We have no idea what the future holds for us when it comes to foster care, but we are excited to continue on in this step of faith and obedience. We’ve been praying for the children who will be placed in our home and trusting God that He’s got a beautiful plan that we can’t really dream or imagine right now.

Obviously, there’s a lot I won’t be able to share about this journey in order to protect other family’s and kids’ privacy, but I will definitely share what I can while protecting the kids/families first and foremost (as that is one of our number one priorities as a foster home: to provide a safe place for kids and to pave the way for reunification).

We know this is going to be stretching and we have no idea what to expect, but we are looking forward to seeing what God has for us in this and how He’s going to use it to grow our family and change our lives.

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